Friday, February 15, 2013

Ask Matty Q&A for 2/15

What shows will the MOTU Traveling Exclusive be available at?
At this point Power Con is the only show we know for sure we are going to. Others like NYCC may be added as the year goes on.

How will the SDCC exclusives be revealed this year?
That has not been determined yet.

With the news of the Adam West Batmobile sale for 4+million, does that show that there is still interest in the TV Batman series?
It sure does!

Do faster sellouts on day of sale items reflect lower production numbers on these, or are they selling at faster rates?
A little of both

Would listing all of the 2014 Sub Characters at SDCC improve subscription sales. Layout the 2014 map, don’t need to show them just layout the plan to improve buy in and complete the core characters?
It potentially could, but legally we are not in a place to do that.

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