Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ask Matty Q&A for 1/15 -

Were the delays in Procrustus and Granamyr delays due to production delay or just shipping to the US?
A little of everything. But they made it!
Is Grayskull still selling well? Why not leave the sales thermometer up to reflect ongoing sales?
We need to cut off the presale to lock in material buy and sculpt resources. It sold very well. Above expectations. 
New Disney Cars product is hitting retail with new packaging, will distribution and case assortments improve this year?
We are always working to improve the distribution and work with our retail partners.
When will the Toyfair collector event in NY be? Is date or time known yet?
It will be Sunday Feb 10th from 3-6 eastern.
Will Retail Stores (walmart, Target, TRU, Kmart) carry the Batman Unlimited line?
We have offered these to all retailers. It is up to each to announce and place orders.         

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