Saturday, September 1, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 9/1

Given the lower sales for 2013 subs, when will we know the plan for 2014? Toyfair or sometime later?
Likely sometime between NYTF and SDCC next year.
When might we see the Adam West line figures, Toyfair or before?
 Likely at NYTF or SDCC next year.
Given all the re-working of the retail DC line, where does action league fit in. We have not yet seen any of the newer Toyfair product.  
 At this time retailers have cooled off a bit. We're still looking for a home for this scale
Does the decreased sub sales make the chances for the mini-masters toys less likely? Are these still an option?
Yes and no. They potentially could present an all new way to release MOTU figures at a lower price point now that 6" figures are getting a little pricey to produce. But nothing to announce right now.