Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 8/15

Does the Adam West Batman line cover all actors? Can there be vehicles? 
Not all of them, but most. There are a few we are still trying to lock in.
Are there any plans for 2013 figures after what we saw @ SDCC or everything is done until a movie year?
We don't have more to reveal right now.
Is the Fall 2012 Batman Adam West line a retail or online line?
It will be on both ideally
Are there at all any changes that are planned for 2013 to ensure more main-line characters or is 2013 completely fixed?
2013 is fixed but we will make changes to 2014 now. 
Of all the new figures shown @ SDCC was Ram-man the one that excited the team the most or is it something we have yet to see for 2013?
"Personally, for me the coolest fig was King He-Man. He just looks so flippin cool and his accessory (Battle Damaged Electronic Power Sword) is my favorite in the line so far. I love that he takes the brand "forward" into new areas. Oh, and he's Spector's boss, so that is cool too!"

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mega Contest Winner Part 1- First Builder Prize

Thanks for all who checked out the Mega Bloks First Builder Bag review. There were over 40 email entries and they were all given and number and a random number was selected.

The winner is 
Tina L from New Mexico

The site will contact you to arrange delivery of the Mega Bloks bag prize!!

Up next is a Spiderman review and contest!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 8/1

Be sure to subscribe to the 2013 MOTU and DC subscriptions on Mattycollector!!
Also checkout the previous article to enter a Mega Bloks contest!!

Is there an onshelf date for the remaining Movie Masters figures?
They will be out in about 3 months.  
If Q4 and Q1 2013 will be shown @ SDCC, what will be held back to show for Powercon?
Approx the same month's skus as last year (Q2 2013)
Where the PKE meters from the 7/2 new production or leftover stock?
It was CS stock and new production.
The Mattycollector has undergone a design update/change. Was this intentially done prior to SDCC and sub-sales or just a needed update??
Yes and yes!
Any update on the My subscription page on mattycollector??
We are working on this and hope to have it up ASAP. Updates to come. You will have total control of your account to change credit card or shipping addresses by this fall in time for 2013.