Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 5/15

Can you provide the exact date for day of sales of SDCC items- we need to plan for the day off!!
We do not have this locked in yet.
 As soon as we do we will announce it.
Why did Dana become the SDCC exclusive and not something larger or a new tool?
While we are huge GB fans, we did not have enough customers to keep the 2012 GB 6" line going after the 2012 sub did not sell the min number of units. So we needed to move Dana to a SDCC spot. We can only produce toys when there is an audience and after the main 4 GB boys from movie 1, the customer base has been limited for the GB brand.  If GB had sold as well as MOTUC or even DCU CIE we could have done more 6" this year. But in the end, as stated, we can only produce toys when there is a large enough audience to buy them! 
Can you look into why Digital River sends out multiple emails monthly that state "your subscription is renewing" in great excess of the # of subs one has?
We certainly will!
It was stated that there will be a new GB prop shown at SDCC, is it for 2012 or 2013?
It is for 2012 holiday. 
The SDCC Vykron, what is the origin of the exact name. We know Vikor, but from the Power & Honor catalog, the proto design was reference as Vykon. 
We wanted to differentiate the name from "Vikor" a bit more while still paying homage to the prototype.       

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 5/1

Can we get details on what changes we should see with the new Digital River US team ?
We now have a US based Customer Service group that should help turn around any requests in a much shorter amount of time.  
Besides CS holds, can we expect the Voltron pieces to be resold in future months or as a set of 5 at the end of the year?
We may sell off any remaining customer service stock at the end of the year, but there will not be more production. 
The DC line has appeared to change a lot since Toyfair, when will we get a final 2012 plan for the line?
Super Power Penguin won’t make it this year, but fret not, we think we’ve found a place for him in early 2013. As far as DCU is concerned, there will be one more wave of DC Universe in 2012, hitting around August. After that, you will find a new DC collector Mass line at retail in 2013 where we’ve taken lessons from YJ, DCU and Legacy.    
Given all the DC changes in the line, is there still a chance to get the 80's Super Power Penguin this year??
No plans right now to confirm but we would like to find a home for him one day.  
Mosquitor has been teased, will we see him in 2012? Will he have any 200x design elements?-
this questioned was not answered for whatever reason
Also check out the Mattycollector forums as with Toyguru taking over GB again, he has been answering more questions then usual.