Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 10/26

1-Can you provide details on the Walmart listing for a Batman 6 pack, is this a all-in-one box set or something else? (link-
This is a offering created to let Batman fans collect the entire The Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters assortment in one purchase

2-Will subscribers continue to get emails of announcements as they are happening like Power-con for NYCC and in 2013?
This is something we hope to do, but no plans at this time.

3-The planned thermometer for Castle Greyskull, how often will it be updated? Can it reflect daily pre-orders?
We will likely update it daily.

4- Will the subscriber bonus for Frosta be a new tooled piece or some form of repaint/accessory?
That is unknown at this time. We are still reviewing concepts.  

5-When should we expect to see the upcoming Super Powers Penguin hit retail, is there a street date for these or will replace the movie line at retail?
Penguin is in the first mix of Batman Unlimited, so you should see this figure hitting shelves in early 2013. 

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