Monday, October 1, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 10/1

Will a Adam West Style Batmobile be coming to go along with the upcoming figure line?
It is something we are looking into but no plans to announce right now

Any update on the subscriber Slimer piece?
Yes, he ships to GB 2012 sub holders in Oct.
The last wave of Action League featuring Character with accessories (ie- Batman, Larfleeze, etc) have these shipped to retail? Limited amount has been seen online
Yes, they have shipped

Many of the Mattycollector Exclusives (12" Superman, Green Lantern, Ghosbusters) have been found at retail bargain outlets. Can you provide any details and whether we may see more of this?
Older Matty inventory is being moved out to make room for new items. No bigger story. We are however reducing quotas going forward and no longer doing second runs so that future product has cleaner sell throughs and will not be showing up anywhere else. 

The early listing of September Snakemen and DB Skeletor on Mattycollector was clearly a mistake, but seems to speak to the persistent problems with Digital River. How does this occur and why not honor orders placed?
It was a simple mistake and those "orders" were not "honored" because it is not fair to sub holders for a few accidental orders to trump them getting their figures first. Our customers are a smart bunch


  1. "Our customers are a smart bunch"
    Then maybe they should be taking the orders.