Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ask Matty Q&A for 3/15

With the New Thunderpunch He-man was there ever thoughts to make the cap sound feature work?
No. Current safety regulations do not allow this. 

The leaked MOTU art from the comic is great. Previously the MOTU comic was special for the anniv, any hope to continue it?
The leak was not intentional and ideally will not repeat itself. The comic is already printed (as shown at NYTF) and we want fans to experience it first as a complete project, not as early pencils. Fine to see the "in progress" version in time, but we want to get the final version out first. 

Any update on the yellow of Staypuft from NYTF?
Not yet. But we are actively working with our vendors on this issue.
The DC Action League Flashpoint wave has hit retail, when would the next wave be expected and the TRU box set?
Should be hitting stores any week now. 
Is the BTTF pre-order 6" scale hoverboard soley and incentive or show progress towards a figure line?
There is no 6" MM line planned at this time. It is a one time bonus accessory.     

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