Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ghostbusters Janine and Sam Hain at TRU

The likely last of the Ghostbusters Mego style figures are available online @ Toysrus. This includes Janine and Sam Hain. Also it comes with Slimer and a backdrop that make the Firehouse. Grab yours online now here

Power-Con Exclusive 80s Mumm-Ra Available at AFX Online

If you were not able to attend Power-Con/Thunder-Con, but want to pick up the exclusive Mumm-Ra in original 80's style color. Purchase yours here

Saturday, September 24, 2011

He-Man 2012 Updates from Power-Con

Mattel has shown some new products for 2012 at this weekends Power-Con. Here is the list below-

April 2012: Stinkor- he will feature his classic smell and comes with 2 heads and shield and gun

April 2012: Griffin- beast from 200x series, Beastman would command these flying creatures, a hybrid sculpt from Battlecat with new head and wings

April 2012 -Snake Mountain figure stands

May 2012: Slushhead- from the New Adventures series, you can add water to his helmet

May 2012- Mighty Spector: a 30th Anniv figure designed by Toyguru, some nods to playing cards

Con 2012- Temple of Darkness Sorceress- a white repaint of the original Sorceress, to be available at many 2012 Cons except SDCC

Wind Raider pushed back and price increased to $45

Check out some pics at the links below


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Upcoming Disney Vinylmation Series

I have previously mentioned Disney's Vinylmation line. These feature a Mickey "buck" or "blank" that is then painted to various themes. Some of the best so far have been Muppets, Star Wars and more. Disney has released a calendar for the upcoming year here. Check out some teases of Star Wars series 2 and the Disney/Star Wars hybrid.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ask Matty 9/15- Better Late then Never

These question were submitted but got lost/forgotten with others. Toyguru delivered though!!

1- Any possibility of details on packaging for Voltron Cats and Pilots- will they be carded, window boxed or what?
The packaging is still being finalized but we are looking at window boxes for the lions and a cool carded concept for pilots. Exact details will be announced soon!

2- When can we expect to see the Current Voltron Toys available
If you are referring to the Voltron Force TV series, that is still being worked on but maybe as early as fall 2012.

3- Can you comment as to how some sites receive preview samples? Any thoughts to mix it up with more sites
No Answer provided

4- Out of all the MOTU figures to date, which character would you love to update as a version 2.0?
From Toy Guru:
"For me it is He-Man. I'd love to do some new hands, a new head and maybe a more Filmation style saber holder on the back. Lots of mix and match for an "ultimate He-Man". We just ran out of available development skus to do this in 2012 but maybe in the future."

5-When can we see the box for the Prop Trap and a sale date?
Very soon. We are waiting on final samples.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mattycollector to Re-Open the 2012 Subscriptions

Toy Fans,
If you haven't yet heard the news, the DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription is going forward for 2012, with Metron as the oversized club-exclusive figure! We know many of you were bummed you missed the on-sale window and have asked us to reopen the subscriptions. We also heard you when you asked us to offer a subscription for the six MOTUC 30th Anniversary figures. I'm stoked to tell you the answers are yes and yes! Starting Friday, September 16th, you'll have the chance to purchase subscriptions once more for DC Universe Club Infinite Earths and MOTUC Club Eternia®, plus Voltron® Club Lion Force and the all-new MOTU 30th Anniversary Series*!

See more at Mattycollector

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Neca's Continued Gremlins Series

Many of these were first show at Toyfair then SDCC- but Neca's twitter feed is a constant source of new pictures. Check out a collage of the Gremlin family- many out now and more coming soon!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Star Wars Vintage Mail Away Prototype Armor Boba Fett Offer Online

Hasbro who rarely actually updates their Star Wars portion of their site, posted details as well as photos of this Falls mail-away offer for Boba Fett in his white prototype armor. Similar to previous mail-aways, it requires 5 Proof of Purchases and $6.99. Start Saving now and get your redemption form here

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Mattycollector's DC Universe Subscription Gets the Green Light

Hi DC Universe Club Infinite Earths fans!
We have some good news...the 2012 DC Universe Club Infinite Earths subscription program is moving forward!  As you know, we did not hit the number of subscribers we were seeking for the club, but we know that there are some very passionate DC Universe fans, so we found a way to make the program work.
Current subscribers will get 6" and oversized figures according to the schedule that was originally communicated at San Diego Comic Con and online.  All figures that have been revealed will be part of the subscription program.
In order to make the program work, we needed to raise prices for day-of sales.  So if you are NOT a subscriber, you will be paying more for the figures on the day of the sale.  The good news for subscribers is that you are locked in at the subscription rates previously advertised.
And the even better news is that we are exploring re-opening the subscription program for a limited window of time.  We've heard fans online posting that they wish that they had subscribed, so now you'll get that chance.  Be on the lookout for more details and dates next week.
We still have more good news, we are excited to reveal the winning club exclusive figure...Metron!  So all of the subscribers will get their very own Metron, along with his Mobius Chair!
All of this good news will hopefully mean a fabulous start to the weekend for all of the DC Universe fans!
-FanGirl 2.0  :)