Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Thundercats Toys In Hand

This shipment came yesterday- will work on detailed pics this week! All basic 4" figures, Thundertank, 3 vehicles and roleplay weapons.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New Release Tuesday 7/26

This week I suggest for current CW Supernatural fans, give the anime version a try. For an animated 80's toon, grab Conan.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Mattels SDCC - Updates MOTU, GB and more

Big news on the MOTU front from the panel at SDCC. Check below for a breakdown of upcoming 2011-2012 

Sept ’11 – Leech, Hurricane Hordak
Oct – Icarius with two heads
Oct – 11 Windraider Vehicle
NOV – Snout Spout with subscriber only sticker sheet
Nov – Battleground Evil Lyn with both heads (200x syle)
Nov – Swiftwind
Nov – Bubble Power She-Ra (She-Ra 2.0)
Dec – Demo-Man, aka proto skeletor
2012 Jan – The Sorceress
Jan – Star Sisters 3 pack
Feb – Fisto with two heads & giant sword
March – Kobra Kahn (two heads)
March – Thunder Punch He-Man
2012 Subscription Fig – Shadow Weaver
2012 Map – Preternia

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Not at San Diego Comic Con- At Least check out some Photos

Comic Con started with Preview Night 7/20. I will link to lots of great sites and photos. So far these are some of my favorite reveals!!

Hit up these site for more pics and details

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Diamond to Make Star Trek Next Generation Mego style Retro Action Figures

Diamond showed this teaser photo this AM of Picard and a Borg. Appears to be along the line of the Star Trek Original Series they release over the past few years

Mattycollector Posts Details on 2012 Subscriptions

In an odd turn of events, the silence pre-SDCC that the Matty team had given us with limited details and non-disclosure of upcoming reveals, seemed gone. Maybe an IST slip, but the 2012 subscription details have been posted on the mattycollector website. 

This may be deception, but more likely it is correct. Also besides MOTU, GB, Voltron- a DC Infinite Heroes subscription was shown. 
In another move the listing has changed-damage control or deception? Soon we should know.

Spoilers Belowi

How Club Eternia Works
  • Purchase a membership to Club Eternia for $20 and you’re guaranteed to receive all of the monthly Masters of the Universe Classics figures released during the year. You’ll also receive club-exclusive Shadow Weaver and an all-new bonus map poster of Preternia!
  • Starting January 2012, you are automatically shipped the Club Eternia Monthly Figure every month for a total of twelve months (January through December). For 2012, you will also be shipped four beast figures or multi-packs and four character variant figures at various intervals throughout the year. You are billed as figures ship. Figures revealed to date are Sorceress (January), Fisto (February) and Kobra Kahn (March). The multipack revealed to date is Princess of Powers Star Sisters (Starla, Jewel Star and Tall Star) that also includes Glory Bird. 
How Club Ecto-1 Works
  • Purchase a membership to Club Ecto-1 for $20 and you’re guaranteed to receive all of the official club figures released during the year. You’ll also receive the club-exclusive for 2012, The Rookie w/ Taxi Cab Ghost!
  • About every other month starting in January 2012, you are automatically shipped the Club Ecto-1 figure. You are billed as figures ship. Figures revealed to date are Ready to Believe Peter w/ Taxi Cab Ghost (January) and OTHER? 
How Club Lion Force Works

  • When you buy a membership to 2012 Club Lion Force, you’re guaranteed to get all the official club figures released during the year – a total of 5 pilot figures in 3 ¾" scale and 5 Lion figures. That means you'll own all 5 lions needed to build the colossal 23" Voltron robot and all 5 pilots needed to complete the Voltron Collect and Connect™ light-up sword.
  • You’ll also receive the club-exclusive for 2012, Sven, the original pilot of the Blue Lion!

Club Infinite Earths
With the all-new 2012 Club Infinite Earths, the DC Universe becomes part of the Mattel subscription family for the first time. While you'll still find 6" figures at retail, will be the only place to get fan-demanded and true collector characters!
This club is 100% the result of fan requests. In order to make it happen, we need to reach a certain number of subscriptions. Throughout the subscription sign-up period, the thermometer will be updated to show how close we are. If we don't hit the goal, then we won't be able to offer the club. But if we do (and we really hope we do), then the club's a "go" and you can look forward to the ultimate DC Universe toy collecting experience!
And in a first, the club-exclusive figure is going to be chosen by you, the fans! Just click here to vote on the figure you want us to make should the club go forward.
So, DC Universe fans, the fate of Club Infinite Earths is truly in your hands. Spread the news to your fellow collectors so we can make it a reality!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

San Diego Comic Con is Almost Here

We are all most ready for SDCC, this wednesday is preview night at 6:00 PM Pacific Time.While I wont be there this year, I will try to link to as much coverage as possible.

New Release Tuesday 7/19

Check out my picks this week for DVDs. Pick up Young Justice, this new series will get a push with the upcoming toys and fall season on Cartoon Network. Also check out an old Nickelodeon hit, Hey Dude- it should take some people back to their childhood.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ask Matty Questions - 7/15

Here is the Q&A for 7/15. Keep them coming by posting or emailing. Sorry for the late posting, working when these went out.

1-Any comment on the leaked photos of Batmite and Catman from Legacy wave 2?
Nope. You will see the latest figures confirmed at our fan panel at SDCC.

 2- The carded pics of Hurricane Hordak and Leech are missing the Horde stickers. Will they be included?
Yes, they will have the stickers. These were early samples. Leech’s arm band was also not positioned right in this early pack out. 

3-Will the Mad Matty sales continue in the future when left over stock builds up?
It is always possible. The first sale was a big success, but it all depends on what inventory we have.

4-Any chance of larger scale Collect and Connect figures packed in over the yearly Ghostbusters line?
No. We are doing the biggest character in the line (Stay Puft) as a stand alone figure. If you look at him from a design perspective there is just no way to do him as a C&C and still look good. Their would be too many joint cuts and it did not look good at all. 

5-Why no DC Action League SDCC Exclusive? Is there some level of popularity required to be made into a SDCC exclusive?
Our SDCC items are picked very carefully and there are a ton of factors that go into it, popularity being one of them as well as what “cool” new ideas can we put out. We certainly do not want to be like some of our competitors and just put out older items that need a home. We like to really go the extra mile for our fans!

Hallmark 2011 Ornament Premiere Saturday AM

Tomorrow morning Hallmark stores across the country will begin to sell the 2011 ornaments. Additionally Hallmark always offers limited ornaments that can potentially sell out this weekend. 
This year there is a limited Star Wars Bossk. Additionally the main-line Star Wars ornaments are a Han/Greedo Scene, Slave 1, Yoda and Lego Darth Vader. Check out pictures below. Hit your local Hallmark for these and many more ornaments from you favorite Marvel, DC, Muppets and more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Classic Votron Halloween Costume

Continuing with the 80's revival- Classic Voltron will be made into a Halloween costume this fall from the Rubies company. Looks like a bodysuit, with molded head, feet and hands- be the hit at any party!!

Preliminary Details on the Mattycollector 2012 Subscriptions

2012 Subscriptions

Sale Starts: Friday 7/22 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET)
Sale Ends: Friday 8/5 at 2 p.m. PT (5 p.m. ET)
Thanks to you, the most loyal fans on the planet, Club Eternia® and Club Ecto-1 are back for 2012, along with the all-new Club Lion Force! If you're a collector of Masters of the Universe®, Ghostbusters™ or Voltron®, a subscription to one (or all) of our clubs is the only way to guarantee you'll get every official club release directly from Mattel.
All three subscriptions will be available for purchase from 7/22 at 2 p.m. PT through 8/5 at 2 p.m. PT. There is no limit on the number of subscriptions you can buy, and for the first time, you can order any number and combination of subscriptions from any of the three clubs and they'll all ship together to minimize shipping costs!
Club Eternia
Club Ecto-1
Club Lion Force

2012 Club Eternia

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Masters of the Universe®, Club Eternia® is going to be bigger than ever for 2012. All 2012 figures will include a special anniversary burst on the packaging and there are tons of surprises planned. Whether you're new to the line or a serious collector, with Club Eternia® you'll have the power to own a piece of MOTUC history!
Overview of Club Eternia®

  • When you buy a membership to 2012 Club Eternia®, you're guaranteed to get all the monthly Masters of the Universe® Classics figures released during the year, including beasts or multi-packs and variants.
  • You'll also receive a club-exclusive figure and new-for-2012 bonus map poster, to be announced along with the January, February and March figures at the Mattypalooza fan panel at SDCC on 7/22, then here immediately after the panel.
  • Every month in 2012 (starting in January), you're automatically shipped the Club Eternia® Monthly Figure. You'll also be shipped four beast figures or multi-packs and four character variant figures at various intervals throughout the year. Figures are billed as they are shipped. .
  • Please note that special convention items, reissues, weapons paks, stands and other accessories are not included. Mattel reserves the right to offer those and any other Masters of the Universe® items, and reissue non-subscription items. Subscriptions will not include any additional items beyond those listed below.
Subscription Cost

  • Monthly figures: 12 @ $20 = $240
  • Beasts/Variants/Multi-packs: 1 each at $60, $30, $40, $40 = $170
  • Club-exclusive figure/map & signup: $20 = $20
  • TOTAL $430 plus shipping/taxes/fees

2012 Club Ecto-1

Now entering its second year, Club Ecto-1 is set to deliver more of everyone's favorite ectoplasmic exterminators, the Ghostbusters™… including someone you've been waiting for!
Overview of Club Ecto-1

  • As a member in Club Ecto-1, you're guaranteed to get all six of the 6" Ghostbusters™ figures released during the year, plus a club-exclusive figure.
  • About every other month in 2012 (beginning in January), you're automatically shipped the Club Ecto-1 figure. Figures are billed as they are shipped. The club-exclusive and January and March figures will be announced at the Mattypalooza fan panel at SDCC on 7/22, then here right after the panel.
  • Special convention items, reissues, props and accessories are not included. Mattel reserves the right to offer those and any other Ghostbusters™ items, and reissue non-subscription items. Subscriptions will not include any additional items beyond those listed below.
Subscription Cost

  • Monthly figures: 6 @ $20 = $120
  • Club-exclusive figure/signup: $20 = $20
  • TOTAL $140 plus shipping/taxes/fees

2012 Club Lion Force

For the first time, Club Lion Force mega-thrusts into the Matty atmosphere in 2012! Based on Voltron®, the fanboy-favorite 1980s series, details will be announced at SDCC. Club Lion Force will be configured similarly to Club Eternia® and Club Ecto-1, and will include a club-exclusive item.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New Release Tuesday 7/12

This week checkout the animated Rango, voiced by Johnny Depp. The Cartoon Network "Robot Chicken" spoofs with Star Wars. Also if you don't have the previous Thundercats release grab the most current release at a good price. Also an old Saturday Animated show- with monsters.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fisher Price Super Friends Imaginext Clayface and Catwoman

Fisher Price continues to push out some new product that was first shown at Toyfare 2011. The latest shipments feature Catwoman and Clayface. There is a new Batcave playset coming and additionally there are 2 new vehicles- a Penguin Sub and Light-up Batmobile. Check out my pictures below on Catwoman and Clayface. 

Catwoman is much more of a modern look. She comes with a panther styled bike, miniature cat and whip. The panther bike has a transformation that allows the front tire to go from a bike to more of a ground racer. 

The kid friendly Clayface is comical in his giant size. He features an attachable hammer for his hand. His mouth can open back and he can eat batman or any other hero. 

These have been found at online vendors, and Target.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Real Ghostbusters Minimates the Fall Edition

First shown at Toyfare, DST is releasing Real Ghostbuster minimates. The TRU wave has hit in the past month, I will have pics soon and the comic/speciality 4 pack hits this week as well. Check out DST's press release on the September plans.
“Nighty-night, Winston!” Over 20 years later, those words still fill me with dread, and my name’s not even Winston. But say it in the raspy voice of the Sandman from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon, preferably in a pitch-black room, and it’ll scare anybody. The Sandman is part of the second wave of Real Ghostbusters Minimates two-packs, exclusively available at Toys “R” Us in September, and it’s an all-star line-up:
- Peter Venkman & Winston Zeddemore
- Stay Puft (Good) & Louis (in Ghostbusters outfit)
- Evil Slimer & Sandman (TRU-exclusive)
- Logo Ghost & Killerwatt (TRU-exclusive)
And if you have a comic book or specialty store in your area, head there for the exclusive box set, which includes Peter, Winston and exclusive angry and casual versions of Stay-Puft and Louis, respectively. And be sure to pick up the first series of RGB two-packs and box set, in stores now!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Mezco's Mega Scale Lion-O Review

If you have not seen or heard of the Thundercats and the upcoming series on Cartoon Network, I can't help that. Those who know the Thundercats, will have lots of upcoming choices for toys, statues and more. Check out the new rotocast mega size Lion-O from Mezco. This is the real first of the Summer wave of the return of Thundercats.

Lion-O comes in a window display box with colorful art wrapping the front and sides. Once out of the package, you will find Lion-O is articulated at the neck, shoulders, forearms, torso and right calf. The paint applications are good, with a few minor paint issues. I do find the skin tone, less cartoon inspired and more tan and brushed. Lion-O includes both a short & long Sword of Omens, as well as a swappable Claw Shield for the left hand. 

You can pick this up at online vendors for around $35 or get yourself the SDCC 2011 Exclusive from Mezco.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Ask Matty Questions - 7/1

The Mattel team serves up the July 1st edition of Ask Matty!! Remember to submit questions to the link or post them as a comment!!

1- Can you comment on the Batman Legacy Joker color variation in the purple on the pants that varies above and below the knees?
Early samples of most toys tend to have some color match issues We do our best to correct this in final product. 
2- With Megator samples you removed the secret accessory only to have it shown on ebay by a Chinese seller.  Is this a downer for the Matty team and what do you do to stop this?
Not in the least. If anything it is a downer for the fans to not have as a surprise now. 
3- Can you comment on how the Green Lantern line has been selling. Can you track how the small vs large scale is doing?
The Green Lantern line is doing very well and we are really excited about our fall items like the Ring Blast Jet and completing the Parallax Collect and Connect figure. 

4- Will the DC Action league line allow for larger scale figures, like Chemo that was previously released?
It is always possible but we don’t have plans for larger figures at this time. 
5- Can you comment on the media release referencing the deal with Classic Media in regards to Filmation rights? 
Classic Media maintains the rights to the Filmation library and is going to be licensing out MOTU goods for the 30th such as T-shirt and other consumer goods with classics animated images.

ToysRUS Unveils SDCC Offerings

Toysrus will be selling their SDCC Exclusives via the Entertainment Earth booth at SDCC. The highlights I wish to feature are an Exclusive Classic Bandai Lion-O, the Masterpiece Rodimus and a new MOTU vs DC 2 pack.
Check out pics and more with the link