Saturday, April 30, 2011

Star Wars Blu-Ray News on Star Wars Day 5/4

May 4th has been dubbed for some time "May the 4th Be With You" day. There is a countdown here. They have also posted this teaser that suggests some upcoming Blu-ray details.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mattel Shows SDCC 2011 Toys on G4's Attack of the Show

Mattel gave us a tease tonight on G4's Attack of the Show- GB Staypuft MarshMallow Man, DC Swamp Thing, Voltron, Marlena and Cringer. Expect all the information tomorrow on For now some screen grabs from around the net!!
Marlena- Space version and dress with Cringer
Super Articulated Voltron- 80's style, 2 swords, voice chip $30
DC Kilowog- $25

Green Lantern Barbie and She-Ra Polly Pockets
GB Stay Puft- Large Diorama packaging $70

Swampthing- Mask packaging, SDCC Un Men minions $30

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Release Tuesday - 4/26

This week check out Disney Chanel Avengers cartoon. Also pickup a re-release of Sin City Unrated/Extended cut on DVD.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Classic Thundercats Costumes this Fall

The listing have been online for some time, now photos have shown up as well. It appears that the initial offering will feature the original 80's style from the cartoon. No word yet whether we will see costumes on the updated releases this fall. Check the out below-

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Disney's Muppets Vinylmation Series 2

     If you have traveled to Disney World or now even one of the Disney Stores then you may have seen some display of vinyl collectibles called Vinylmation. Basically a Mickey figure that is painted to look like something else. So far there has been everything from Disney Park related decos, Star Wars, Toy Story and much more.
     I recently got my hands on a set of Muppets series 2, not including the chase piece. These are blind packaged and sold for about $12 each, in a case of 24. These series expands on the 1st release by adding mostly non-mainline character. Check out my pictures below. This series gives us some Muppet Band members, Penguin, Scooter, the Pigs in Space Crew, Lew Zealand and Pepe.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cars 2 Acer and Professor Z

Cars 2 Toys are scheduled for a release on May 16th, at least that is the Mattel street date they put on the box. They have been showing up however at secondary stores so far. The initial release will feature plenty of cars, multipacks, playsets and more. Check out 2 of the evil cars that will be featured in the June movie. 

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Panthor and Sy-Klone Arrive

If you are not buying the monthly MOTU classic figures at Mattycollector where have you been? This month subscribers were treated to a colorful Sy-Klone. He features original chest deco with radar, shield and a giant red ring from the 200x series. Also Panthor was released as well. The companion to Skeletor this is a great looking piece. If you missed these look to re-sellers as they are sold out.

MOTU Faceless One Packaged Pics and Bio

Friday, April 15, 2011

Ask Matty Answers - 4/15

           As many sites do, Elkkthunders Toy Room now participates in the bi-monthly Ask Matty segment that the folks at Mattel do for the fans. I actually have 2 sets of questions for this round. Take a look below for some Q&A from various lines by Mattel and
          Be sure to submit questions via the comment feature below the post or use the send an email option on the right side. Thanks Matty!!

1. Do you plan on making a DCUC - green, red, yellow, 90's Tim Drake Robin? The one from last years Wal-Mart 2-pack was filled with inaccuracies (wrong chest, gloves, cape, boots)
It is always possible. Robin is a very popular character and simple redecos are always something we look into.

2. DCUC figures of Cluemaster, Spoiler and KG Beast - any chance on seeing them this year?
Sorry, we can’t comment on unannounced figures.

3. It seems that Pixar Cars are seeing a bigger showing on Mattycollector. We will see more exclusive cars similar to the April Barry Diesel?
Right now that is the only CARS item planned. But you never know what the future will bring.

4. How long do you plan/anticipate  the MOTU stands will continue to stay in stock?
It is hard to say. For a figure we like to see a quick sell out to manage inventory (which affects shipping costs and we try to keep that as low as possible). For stands, since they are smaller and something people always need, we do like them to stay on for a bit longer.

5. If the MOTU weapons rack is a success will we see similar blister carded sets in the future?
Possibly,it depends on a lot of logistics. We hope to have the packs continue but we will have to see!

1- It was reported that the Back to the Future license only covers Doc, Marty and the Delorean, any chance the license will be expanded to cover other characters?
 Not at this time.

2- When will we hear details on SDCC offerings?
We will be announcing our SDCC “for sale” items during the last week of April.  Stay tuned to Facebook/MattyCollector for more info.  

3- The GB PKE Meter was great. Any idea when we will hear about more props?

4- If and when a Kobra Kahn gets made, can he have a detachable hood as seen in the 200x series or is that not possible?
It is possible, but more likely if we did this feature it would be on a second head. But nothing planned right now.

5- If the MOTUC weapon rack is a success, is it possible that similar blister carded packs would be made?
It is always possible, but again, nothing is planned right now.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Cars 2 Movie Panorama Poster

Mattycollector 4/15 Reminder

April 15th Sale Items
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Sale starts at 9 a.m. PT / Noon ET

12” Superman
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12” General Zod
Coming Soon Exclusive
12” Lex Luthor
Coming Soon DC Universe
Coming Soon Retro Action™ DC Super Heroes™ Exclusive

Sy-Klone™ Figure
Coming Soon Club Eternia® Figure of the Month, April 2011
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Heroic Fist-Flinging Tornado™!
(Included with 2011 subscriptions)

Panthor® Figure
Coming Soon Club Eternia® Subscription Figure, April 2011
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Savage Cat of Skeletor®
(Included with 2011 subscriptions)

Weapons Rack
Coming Soon Masters of the Universe® Classics
(Not included with 2011 subscriptions)

Moss Man® Figure (with Unflocked Ears)
Coming Soon Club Eternia™ Monthly Figure, March 2010
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Heroic Spy and Master of Camouflage
(Not included with 2011 subscriptions)

Castle Grayskull® Diorama & Stands
Masters of the Universe® Classics
Barry Diesel
Coming Soon Disney • Pixar Cars

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Release Tuesday - 4/12