Friday, April 15, 2011

Ask Matty Answers - 4/15

           As many sites do, Elkkthunders Toy Room now participates in the bi-monthly Ask Matty segment that the folks at Mattel do for the fans. I actually have 2 sets of questions for this round. Take a look below for some Q&A from various lines by Mattel and
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1. Do you plan on making a DCUC - green, red, yellow, 90's Tim Drake Robin? The one from last years Wal-Mart 2-pack was filled with inaccuracies (wrong chest, gloves, cape, boots)
It is always possible. Robin is a very popular character and simple redecos are always something we look into.

2. DCUC figures of Cluemaster, Spoiler and KG Beast - any chance on seeing them this year?
Sorry, we can’t comment on unannounced figures.

3. It seems that Pixar Cars are seeing a bigger showing on Mattycollector. We will see more exclusive cars similar to the April Barry Diesel?
Right now that is the only CARS item planned. But you never know what the future will bring.

4. How long do you plan/anticipate  the MOTU stands will continue to stay in stock?
It is hard to say. For a figure we like to see a quick sell out to manage inventory (which affects shipping costs and we try to keep that as low as possible). For stands, since they are smaller and something people always need, we do like them to stay on for a bit longer.

5. If the MOTU weapons rack is a success will we see similar blister carded sets in the future?
Possibly,it depends on a lot of logistics. We hope to have the packs continue but we will have to see!

1- It was reported that the Back to the Future license only covers Doc, Marty and the Delorean, any chance the license will be expanded to cover other characters?
 Not at this time.

2- When will we hear details on SDCC offerings?
We will be announcing our SDCC “for sale” items during the last week of April.  Stay tuned to Facebook/MattyCollector for more info.  

3- The GB PKE Meter was great. Any idea when we will hear about more props?

4- If and when a Kobra Kahn gets made, can he have a detachable hood as seen in the 200x series or is that not possible?
It is possible, but more likely if we did this feature it would be on a second head. But nothing planned right now.

5- If the MOTUC weapon rack is a success, is it possible that similar blister carded packs would be made?
It is always possible, but again, nothing is planned right now.

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  1. Will There Be DC Universe Classics Crime Champions,and secret society of super villains action figure gift sets anytime soon?
    Also,Will there be an elseworlds style crossover for DCUC And MOTUC Anytime soon?