Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ask Matty Q&A for Mid April

Was there ever thoughts of the retro Super Power cards making it earlier in the DC line at retail or exclusive?
We did discuss this several times over the years but it just never came to be. Good thing the 30th happened and gave a good reason to finally make this happen.  

Does Mattel plan to obtain Mega Bloks make MOTU block figures any more likely or only in a movie year?
That remains to be seen. We have no specific plans right now. 

Are the mini-masters a 6 set run or are more possible?
There are 6 planned for 2014. If they do well we would love to look at more in 2015. We need to see how the first few sets perform before committing to more.     

What will the price point be for the MOTU SDCC item(s)? Will  these be revealed on Mattycollector?
That will be revealed in April/May. 

Any early thoughts on fan response to the Retro 12" Skeletor shown at NYTF? Any guess on pricing?
It has been very positive and we are looking at around $70.00-80.00. if we move forward on something like this.     

Friday, March 7, 2014

Ask Matty Q&A for Eearly March 2014

Will the Etheria sub be combined with MOTU sub for shipping savings?
Yes, starting in the second month of the club, Aug.  

Would the 12" Skeletor be sold unpainted or fully painted and packaged? Would this be a sub or one off runs?
 If we do a 12" line like this, the idea to make them look like the vintage figures, deco'd and packaged. What we had at NYTF was a very early concept that was unpainted.

The Super Powers set is awesome. Will there be early access for these?
Yes, all 2014 club members for any sub will get early access to all non club items such as the SP figures

Will unsold mini-masters be available on following months, If I skip ordering this month and wait till the next set goes on sale to save on shipping?
We can in no way guarantee the mini masters will last up for sale month to month

Are the Lookee and Kowl packs in similar volume to Spirit Hordak, will they be easier to obtain?
Sorry, we can't comment on quotas on any product.        

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Hasbro Toyfair Transformers Image Dump

The Transformers 4 movie looks good and the Dinobots will rock.
Grimlock looks cool and there are more TF Masterpieces coming.
Also Leader scale Jetfire.

Hasbro Gaming Battle Masters

Hasbro Gaming is releasing in the Spring and then later on Battle Masters. First the Transformers and then Marvel.
Singles $14.99
2 Packs $24.99

These are rockem sockem robot style were you battle and try to hit the oponents head. There is a app coming as well which exclusive content can be unlocked with toy purchases

Hasbro Mr Potato Head in Marvel and Transformers Outfits

Looks like Mr Potato Head is getting some new outfts. Marvel and Transformers clothes with a smaller scale. 

Hasbro Guardians of the Galaxy

While I am not super familiar with the Guardians of the Galaxy, Hasbro has a ton planned for the move. From a new 2.5" line, to Legends scale, masks, blasters and more.